The most kindly way to preserve plums, cherries, gooseberries, & c.

The most kindly way to preserve plums, cherries, gooseberries, &c. You must first purchase some reasonable quantity of their own juice, with a gentle heat upon embers, between two dishes, dividing the juice still as it comes in the strewing; then boil each fruit in his own juice, with a convenient proportion of the best refined sugar.- Hugh Plat

This is a whole cherry recipe, equal parts liquid to sugar, boiled to thread state syrup. The fruit was de-stemmed and boiled in the syrup.  I did not have enough of the pure cherry juice to do a 1:1 ratio, so I mixed the juice with water to create 4 cups of liquid (amount needed for 2lbs of cherries). There was a need to skim the scum from the mixture as it was cooking. I chose to take the liquid to thread state as that is the common stage for syrups. Manus Christi height would be too stiff for a liquid.

It was canned for modern preservation. This preserves the cherries in a heavy syrup and maintains the wonderful cherry flavor and provides modern food safety and stabilization.
[1] Platt, Hugh. “The Arte Of Preserving Conserving, Candying.” Delights for Ladies: To Adorne Their Persons, Tables, Closets, and Distillatories with Beauties, Banquets, Perfumes, and Waters. Reade, Practise, and Censure. London: Humfrey Lownes, 1609.

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