An Oynttment for the stomake approved good against the coughe- Part 1

Among the things Grocers were expected to produce are ointments.  I am working on one that requires chicken grease as the base.

“Take of Capon grease the quantitye of 4 ownzes”[1]

The first part of the recipe requires the grease of capons. Chicken fat is not something I keep around the house for very long. It is a great byproduct to use in cooking and in sauces.  So I started this recipe off by rendering a chicken cooked in water.

This rather large chicken, rendered out about 1/2″ of fat at the bottom of a pint jar.
photo 2

I will be cooking off more chicken in the next few weeks.  I have also asked people to save skins and fat for me if they normally discard it.  I have requested these to be frozen as to a time that I can pick them up.  I am storing my chicken fat in the freezer until I have enough to make the recipe a few times and have a little left over for when mistakes happen.

Part 2 will happen in a few weeks, once I have collected enough fat.

[1] “A Booke of diuers Medecines, Broothes, Salues, Waters, Syroppes and Oyntementes of which many or the most part haue been experienced and tryed by the speciall practize of Mrs Corlyon. Anno Domini 1606.”


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