Oyle of Rose- Part 2

…”sooth them in a doble vessell 3 howers and then straine them and put to the Oyle Rose leaves cut and bruised as before and let them stand in the sonn 40 days well covered. ” [1]

double boil
I have put the roses into a ceramic crocked pot, which has been put into a crock pot.  I filled the crock pot 2/3 with simmering water and set the temperature on low. In the mean time, I am currently pulling the petals off another dozen red roses so I can add them to the oil once it is done.

And then it is on to the very exciting part of hurry up and wait.

In a few days I will be starting a second batch with almond oil and damask roses. I want to compare olive oil and a modern red rose to the damask with almond oil.  The damask roses are coming to me dried. So that will also add an interesting element to the science of making perfumed oils.

“A Booke of diuers Medecines, Broothes, Salues, Waters, Syroppes and Oyntementes of which many or the most part haue been experienced and tryed by the speciall practize of Mrs Corlyon. Anno Domini 1606.”


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