Oyle of Rose- Part 4

I have started batch 2 with the Damask roses and sweet almond oil.  I was surprised that the oil has no additional sent other than “oil.”  This means, the roses will do their thing and not have to compete with the underlying sent of the oil base. With batch 1, the roses were working against the smell of olive.

I wanted to try making a batch of rose oil with dried flowers. Roses have a growing season, but the recipe doesn’t specify when you should be making the oil. Nor does it specify that you should be using fresh flowers.  There are a number of recipes that discuss the proper way to dry flowers so they can be used later. So this is an experiment to see what type of oil and scent will be generated by dried flowers.  Also Damask roses is one of the period appropriate rose breeds.

Batch 1 of rose oil using modern red roses, is a delightful yellow color. It is currently sitting on a shelf that gets moderate sun, covered with a towel.  The towel acts as an insulator. The rose smell has intensified in a delicate way and the olive smell of the base oil is just a faint note in the background.  The rose breed used in this batch is generic organic red rose.


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