A syrupe to cool the stomach and to allay chollor

The combination of acid and sugar preserves this syrup for a good while.

Take the juyce of Oranges six spoonefulles*, the like quantity of the juyce of Lemmons and so much of the juyce of Pomegranetts (if you can goff it) putt to it so much redd Rose ayer as all those juyces doe amounte unto, and putt likewise so much faire water as will equall the foresaid juyces and Rose water. Then moasure all togoathor and to half pinte putt halfo a pound of Sugar fynelye boaton and so boil altogoathor till it commoth to a syrupe. Then putt it into a glasse and keepe it for your use. And when you will use it take some borrage water or rose water or faire running water boiled, mingle it with so much syrupe as you will take, so as you may drink it.[1]

Equal amounts of:
Orange juice
Lemon juice
Pomegranate juice
Rose water
Distilled water
½ pound of ground sugar, per half pint of ingredients above

Bring ingredients to a boil.

  1. Skim the scum from the mixture
  2. Remove from heat when mixture reaches thread state, 225 F.
  3. When cool, you can mix with borrage water, rose water or distilled water.

* The quantity of six spoonfuls would vary with the size of the spoon. This is why the recipe is written for ratio of equal parts of the various juices.

[1] A Booke of diuers Medecines, Broothes, Salves, Waters, Syroppes and Oyntementes of which many or the most part have been experienced and tryed by the speciall practize of Mrs Corlyon. Anno Domini 1606.

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